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Wall Ball

Posted Monday, January 21, 2013 by Charlie Rizzuto

Phase One (With a no bounce ball.  If you do not have one, skip this part)
  • 8 Meter Rapid Fire Shoting (Pick a brick, crow hop and shoot from 8 meters out) - 50 X's Strong and Weak
Phase Two:  Little Hands (One stick length from wall)
  • One Hand - 25 X's Strong and Weak
  • Quick Stick - 100 X's Strong and Weak (No cradles)
  • Catch, Switch, Throw (Focus on stick protections) - 100 X's
Phase Three:  Distance Passing (At least 8 meters from wall)
  • 50 X's Strong and Weak (Ball should be played off one bounce)
  • On The Run Rapid Fire Shooting (With a no bounce ball) - 25 X's Strong and Weak

Throw all passes at a realistic height.

Don't plant your feet in the ground, move them as you work.

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